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The planet of Gerball has always been that of a peaceful one. That changed however, the day the Galactic Empire of Empress Lady Snake Hawk arrived. With an iron feathered fist she took control over the humble world of Gerball, enslaving the population with her vastly superior robot army. Her cruelty knows no bounds and she eventually turns the adorable rodent population into her own sick twisted form of entertainment in the pit of her "Birdcage" a gladiator arena that she uses for marketing royalties and her independent promotion business.

Captain Flubbles would like nothing more than to wring the long scaly neck of Lady Snake Hawk and now more than ever could be his chance to do so. The "Birdcage" eventually summons everyone and Flubbles has been called to do his part in the nefarious bloodsport. Eventually, Lady Snake Hawk will be provoked by the utter destruction of her army by her own sheer value for amusement and will fight Flubbles herself. She couldn't possibly perceive the fluffy tornado of wraith she was about to enter and her demise follows shortly after.


  • Fight through waves of robotic minions inside of the Empress's arena.
  • Use power-ups and a variety of weapons to best your foes
  • Fight a friend in local multiplayer


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